August News

For the whole of August its just been incredibly hot and humid here. Ever since the rainy season finished (about the end of July I think) its been hard to go out and doing any real walking is out of the question. Also we resist turning on the airconditioning pretty vigorously since it only only creates a viscous circle further contributing to global warming. I think next month it will start to cool down and we'll get active again. Certainly, last year in late September when we arrived it was already comfortable.

In August there are almost two weeks off for summer holidays (separated by a week) and we just took it easy, but we did do a few interesting things this month. We discovered our local performing arts centre and went to see Tokyo Symphony Orchestra there. More recently we went to an excellent display of nature photography there too.

We went to Tokyo a few times and stayed at our friend Cathy's place. Cathy was back in Australia. While there we went to a great party at our friend Okado-san's place. His condo had a great view of the fireworks display over Tokyo harbor. Also while in Tokyo we went to Akihabara and bought parts to repair out lightning damaged computers and build our new Tiny server.

All in all August was our least active month in Japan so far even with the holidays. If we are still here next year I'd like to take a week off to bridge the two weeks or holidays and just go somewhere cooler for 3 weeks.

Desktop Tower Defence
I was reading a website about installing Truecrypt on Linux. Unfortunately, it linked to a game called Desktop Tower Defence. I never did finish installing Truecrypt on Tiny because DTD has consumed my life for the last few days. Its a real thinking game. If you are looking for a free fun diversion give it a try. Its fun and very addictive so don't say I didn't warn you.

Fruit Juice Diet
So today is the 6th day of our 7 day fruit juice fast. Thats a diet where you only consume fruit and vegetable juice. Its supposed to cleanse the body of impurities and give the it a rest to allow it to regenerate itself. There are lots of articles on the web with people raving about it.

Well, I do feel much better than you might think after not eating for 5 days, almost normal in fact. And I won't say I never get hungry, but I am not ravenous like I thought I would be. I have close to my normal energy. Judging from appearances, I have lost quite a bit of weight I think (I haven't weighed myself).

On the other hand people say you will have more energy and feel better and thats not the case for me. And people say afterwards you will not feel like eating unhealthy food again. That remains to be seen, but I now am very much looking forward to a pizza and Steak when we are done (planning activities around them actually). And it might be a while before I have another freshly squeezed fruit juice. The thought of lunchtime already fills me with dread.

Some people do this for a week every month or ever over extended periods like 30 days. I guess we should reserve final judgement till after we are finished. But I don't think we'll be doing another such fast. Once for the experience has been interesting though.

Yaita Marathon
Yaita is a nearby town. In November they are having a marathon. I don't really have enough time to prepare properly. Its only 10 weeks away, but I am considering have a go at it. Now I am at a pretty low level of fitness, so as soon as the diet is over I'll get to training.